The Sunday NY Times Style Section is synonymous for many with sleeping late, lazy Sunday mornings, maybe a cup of coffee by your night table, perhaps a croissant or a donut half-eaten next to your newspaper.  For me, The NY Times Style section is about four words:  The Modern Love Column.  I LOVE the modern love column.  I wait for it all week, get excited to know the paper will be at my door, grab it before my husband can crinkle it up, making it harder to find my page.  And when it is in my hands I immediately flip through until I find the familiar font and the simple drawings accompanying this column. When I read Zoe Fishman’s column recently, The Subway Crush Who Crushed Me, I was blown away. Zoe’s writing is like poetry; her words flow one into the other and I found myself teary-eyed and choked up, not even realizing I was crying until a tear dropped on the paper in front of me.  I knew I had to interview Zoe; I wanted to hear her story in her own voice and share her words with our audience.

Zoe is now a single mom, a published author, a writing teacher but more than all of that she is thoughtful, deliberate, interesting and funny.  I liked her as much as I had hoped I would; the woman behind the words does not disappoint. Read the column here and listen to our podcast with Zoe Fishman. You will laugh, smile, maybe shed a tear.  You will definitely walk away holding the ones you love more closely, remembering that life is precious and that moments of happiness lie in the mundane and that in the end only love is real!


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