NYC Mayor Campaign Manager Rick Fromberg talks about election results and more!

NYC Mayor Campaign Manager Rick Fromberg weighs in on our recent election. Rick has been a campaign manager for NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, Hillary Clinton and others.  He has been watching this election carefully and today he weighs on voter counting, voter turn-out and voter-fraud!  Listen to this episode if you want to be up on the latest!


Rick Fromberg Show Notes:

  • 01:38 – Rick shares an overview of what’s happening behind both Biden and Trump campaign
  • 06:57 – Rick’s perspective on President Trump declaring victory on Tuesday election night and why it’s a bad idea
  • 10:33 – When as a campaign manager if there’s a way to turn things around in election
  • 14:08 – Is there a scenario that will turn this election result in favor of President Trump?
  • 15:45 – How does polling really work?
  • 19:55 – Does polling serves a purpose especially for campaign managers?
  • 23:21 – Are mayoral campaigns like presidential campaigns? What are the significant differences?
  • 25:41 – How to entice New Yorkers to vote more and increase voter participation


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