Our Curly Girl Model Plays the Guitar and loves Art.

Our Curly Girl Model Plays the Guitar, loves Art and will be a lawyer!

Meet our curly girl model and this week’s Curlee Girlee of the Week Mykala Ballard.  Mykala is a role model for curly girls everywhere because not only is she beautiful but she is smart, multi-talented and has so many varied interests and hobbies.  Here at Curlee Girlee we want to showcase girls of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds whose personalities shine through their features.  This is what makes curlee girlee role models.  Embracing our interests, our thoughts and the legacy of our hair will empower all curlee girlees to become the woman they are meant to be, understanding that their hair is part of who they are and part of a greater legacy they share with those who came before them.  It is our pleasure to introduce you to Mykala in her own words below!

1) My name is Mykala Ballard, I am 22 years old from Phoenix, Arizona. I recently graduated college from Arizona State University and am planning on going to law school in the near future. I love art and fashion, I model professionally and love creating whenever I get the chance. Some of my favorite things to do include playing guitar, doing crazy makeup looks on myself and others, designing and creating my own clothes, and taking care of my many many plants.

2) I would say my curl type is 3c. I am the oldest of 4 in my family, and all of my siblings have curly hair too! Each of our curl patterns are different, so we always try exchanging tips and products to see if they work out well for each other.

3) I would say my personal style is pretty avant-grade and dramatic! I love vintage and Victorian-style design, so everything I wear has amazing texture, color, and history. I love wearing statement pieces and accessories and often do colorful makeup to match.

4) Although I have not perfected my curly hair routine, years of trial and error have helped me determine which type of products work on my hair and which do not. I find that cream-based products work best for me, they keep my curls defined and are not as heavy or make my hair crunchy like gels do! Also, the diffuser has changed my life. I put products in my hair, air dry until it is nearly 80% dry, and then diffuse the rest with my head upside down. This gives me the volume I love with the definition that often disappears if you fully blow dry


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