“Twersky inspired countless little girls — and their moms and grandmothers — to celebrate their curly hair…”


“Reminds all of us that unique qualities should be celebrated and what makes us unique also makes us beautiful.”


“A charmingly illustrated book with a strong heroine, a solid message, and an accessible vocabulary for newly independent readers.”


“A body-positive book every kid needs on their bookshelf!”


Curlee Girlee Press Kit

Curlee Girlee, the book that has sparked a movement and was selected to be gifted in 2017’s GRAMMY® gift bag! Curlee Girlee was inspired by the author’s own young daughter and written for all little girls (and boys!) in an effort to ensure they love their hair and, by extension, all their unique features. If there is a curly-haired child in your world (daughter, son, niece, nephew, etc.), they will surely be enchanted as they identify with the Curlee Girlee character and see themselves reflected in the pages of this beautifully illustrated book.

Curlee Girlee is a great holiday gift for children of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and hair textures. Curlee Girlee is a fun, fiery, determined little girl who learns through a series of fun and funny adventures to embrace her unique features and love herself exactly as she is. As Curlee Girlee continues her journey in the second book, children everywhere will be inspired to embrace their unique features and remember that confidences comes from loving yourself, just as you are!

We have been selling Curlee Girlee books worldwide since November 2016.

Publisher: Sandbox Publishing
ISBN: 978-0996843812
Price: $14.99

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Atara Twersky is an attorney and lives in NYC with her husband and three children. Atara was inspired to write Curlee Girlee by her youngest daughter. She hopes it will inspire other curlee and non-curlee girls to love all things about them that make them unique. Atara loves fashion and clothes, surfing, skiing, and swimming with her kids. Her dream job would allow her to go to sleep at 4 a.m. and wake up at noon … unfortunately, until the kids are at least 20, she doesn’t think that can happen! She loves water parks and roller coasters—she laughs so hard that her kids say she has as much fun, or more, than they do! Atara’s favorite poem is “IF” by Rudyard Kipling. She has been reciting it from memory since she was ten years old.

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