Rabbi Marc Schneier Foundation

Rabbi Marc Schneier Foundation is one of the important institutions today!  Rabbi Marc is the founding Rabbi of one of the pre-eminent synagogues in the world.  But he is not just a Rabbi.  He is a visionary and a leader and he has dedicated his life to finding commonalities and healing divisiveness among the black and white community.  Listen to this podcast and you will learn how one man with a vision can be instrumental in bringing about change.  You will also hear about Marc’s acting with Sara Jessica Parker, of Sex and the City, you won’t want to miss this one!

Rabbi March Schneier Foundation Show Notes

[02:26] – Rabbi Marc’s role in building Muslim-Jewish relation
  • His travels took him to various Arab countries meeting gulf leaders and has been an amazing journey
  • He became the inter-faith channel between leaders and been successful educating how to have an authentic dialogue between faiths.
[05:05] – How Rabbi Marc stared the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding
  • The Foundation was established in 1989 with the intention of rebuilding the historic Black-Jewish alliance in the United States
  • The U.S. Congress honored The Foundation for improving the Black – Jewish relation
[12:38] How to show minority groups that they should respect other groups as well
  • Change should start with children education to understand one another
  • Reaching out to other groups as well should be priority
  • It’s about seeing the humanity in the other

[25:00] What to do about the disproportionate effect of the the pandemic to communities of color

  • The movement wouldn’t be this galvanized if not for the pandemic because people are now focused on systemic racism
  • The role of spiritual leaders is not only to comfort those who are disturbed, but also to disturb those who are comfortable
  • The deepest, warmest sunshine comes after the storm

[30:26] Marc’s acting stint with Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City

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