Seven Year Old Sincere is So Proud to Showcase her Gorgeous 4a Curl Pattern!

In this week’s feature, we have 7 year old social media influencer, Sincere as our Curlee Girlee of the Week!  Although she is just 7 years old, her mother has shared so many wonderful things about her. Below, you will find her mother’s answers to the set of questions we provided to give insight into what Sincere loves to do in her free time as well as what she is interested in, how Sincere’s mother manages her daughter’s 4a curl pattern along with some curly hair management tips Sincere’s mom recommends. These tips can be passed on to other curly haired boys and girls, as well as their parents who take care of their hair, around the world that struggle with their beautiful head of curls and seek guidance on how to better manage them.

1) Introduce yourself! What is your age, grade, favorite books, movies, favorite quote, song? What is her favorite school subject? Favorite activity? Favorite thing to do in her free time?

Meet our Curlee Girlee of the Week, Miss Sincere McCooty! Sincere is a 7 year old girl in the 2nd grade. Her favourite book is children’s book The Last Wolf written by Mini Grey. Sincere’s favourite quotes are “be happy,” “don’t worry” and “you go girl.” Her mom says that Sincere’s favourite song is Never Say Never by famous Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber. Her favourite subject in school is art, her favourite activities are swimming and gymnastics, and some of her favourite things to do during her spare time is to go on bike rides and take pictures with her mom! It sounds like Sincere sure knows how to have a good time!


2) Your curls! What is your hair curl type? If you don’t know, please check out our reference page here.

Sincere’s curly hair type is Springy 4A curly hair.


3. Who else in your family has curly hair? Check out our family tree here which is a fun and educational way to trace the legacy of your hair!

The curly hair trait definitely runs in Sincere’s family! Sincere’s mom says that Sincere’s brother, sisters and cousins have curly hair. We love to see a curly haired family!


4) How would you define your style? (ie, are you a dress up girl, more casual, love to be fancy etc.  What is your favorite style for school, for dressing up, for each season, etc.

Sincere’s mom says that her daughter loves to wear her hair out and curly. She would define Sincere’s style as a bit of everything as it depends on the weather. Sincere’s mom says that she likes to mix up her daughter’s style, and that Sincere loves to look girly by wearing dresses! However, she also says that Sincere loves to mix up her style by wearing trainers and boots with cool T-shirts with slogans on them.


5) Hair care tips!  What are some hair care tips you can share for taking care of your curly hair? Best advice for kids with curly hair?

Sincere’s mom’s best hair care tips on taking care of curly hair is to plait(to braid) your child’s hair before going to bed. In terms of styling your child’s hair for school, Sincere’s mom does not recommend using heat so she naturally lets Sincere’s hair dry after washing it. She also uses detangling brushes and detangling sprays to help style her daughter’s curly hair.  This is really important to consider while trying to manage your child’s hair, because keeping your child’s curly hair moisturized will help make the process simple and far less time-consuming than if you did not moisturize their curly hair!

4a curly hair

6) How often do you wash your hair and why? 

Sincere’s mom washes her daughter’s hair once a week with the “Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In Treatment,” which leaves Sincere’s curly hair soft and shiny. She washes Sincere’s hair with shampoo every 2 weeks with “Camille Rose Naturals Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse.”


7) Are you a morning hair washer or an evening washer, why?

Sincere’s mom washes her daughter’s hair in the evening, rather than the morning, so it naturally dries after she moisturizes it and plaits it up. If she does Sincere’s hair during the night, Sincere would put on a Durag or bonnet to help keep her curly hair neat for the next morning.


8) Has curly hair impacted your child and her self-image, please provide details on her “hair journey”.  Did she always love her hair or was it something that happened over time? 

Sincere’s mom says that having curly hair for Sincere has been a journey as most of her family has straight hair. She says that her daughter has always struggled and constantly used to say Sincere wanted her to straighten her hair. Sincere’s mom has had to show her pictures of beautiful little girls with curly hair to show how other girls love their hair, and now she is starting to embrace her beautiful curls!


9) Have you read our Curlee Girlee book series?  If not get your copy by clicking here Our Curlee Girlee books were written to ensure that all curly girls belong to our Curlee Girlee family and learn to love and embrace their curls understanding that their hair is part of a greater legacy they share with those who came before them and will one day share with those who come after.

Sincere’s mom says that her daughter has not read the Curlee Girlee book series yet but she looks forward to starting it. She says that she will definitely read it because they love reading books about curly hair!


Sincere is a curly headed, instagram influencer with a following of 2K people, as well as our Curlee Girlee of the Week! You can find and follow Sincere on her instagram @sinceremccooty. 


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