Stella has Springy Type 4a Curls

Stella has springy type 4a curls, but sadly, she doesn’t like them. Her mother often sees her running a curl through her fingers, and Stella tells her she’s trying to make it straight like hers. Her mom is searching for ways to get her to love them as much as everyone else does! We at Curlee Girlee know the struggle many curly-haired girls face with their hair because it is unfortunately a common occurrence and that is why we are so determined to teach children everywhere to embrace their unique traits. We suggest reading our article 5 Things to Do or Say if Your Daughter is Showing Signs of Hating Her Curly Hair. 

Stella is eight years old. She is very active and plenty of fun activities, including swimming and playing with her Littlest Pet Shop toys. She loves spending as much time as possible playing with her cousins.

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Atara Twersky, Author of Curlee Girlee is a TODAY Show Style Icon. Her mission is to teach girls to embrace the beautiful curls they have with power and confidence. Join us as together we change the “coarse” of curly hair. Don’t forget to check out our recent article on What to Do or Say if Your Daughter is Showing Signs of Hating Her Curly Hair.

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