If Your Child Has Ever Had Strep Throat, You Need to Know About PANDAS

In this week’s episode, we are talking to Taralee O’Malley-Hurff about the important and not very well known topic of PANDAS. Today October 9 is PANDAS Awareness Day and we believe this topic is important for EVERY parent to know about. Your child may come down with a fever, chills and be diagnosed with Strep throat. You go to the doctor, give them antibiotics and you think it is all over. Hopefully, it is, but not always. Taralee’s O’Malley Hurff has become a reluctant advocate for PANDAS when her young daughter began exhibiting severe obsessive-compulsive disorder following a strep infection. At first, she thought it was just “odd” behavior that would resolve itself, but as symptoms continued Taralee became frantic to find answers. She did and in the process, she shed light on this condition that often, traditional medical doctors, are unable to diagnose. It is a real disease and it is scary but knowledge is power and understanding what to look for and how to treat PANDAS can go a long way toward ultimate remission.


Strep and PANDAS

Taralee is a champion for families suffering with this diagnosis. In a quiet, thoughtful way, she tells her story and through her words, our audience will be informed as to this condition so they can help their child should the need arise. This episode is a MUST listen for every parent!

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