Summer Activities During Covid

The last few months of Corona-time have been turbulent and difficult for all of us.  Most Especially children.  This pandemic and subsequent quarantine are like nothing any of us have ever had to face before. As the school year ends and Summer begins, parents will face a new obstacle. How do we entertain our kids during the Summer when everything that makes summer fun like summer camp, open beaches, bicycling with friends is restricted or off-limits.  Free time suddenly seems less fun, dare I see even overwhelming- how will we fill these long summer days??  I have compiled Summer activities during covid that you can do at home or in your yard to keep kids engaged, having fun, and maybe even learning without them realizing!

1. Learn Astronomy

This activity is something both kids and adults can love—stargazing. On a clear night and in places where there is less light pollution, it is possible to see the stars with the bare eye. Learn to recognize the famous constellations, planets, and stars of the night sky, such as Orion’s belt and the North Star. If your child is really interested in learning more about constellations, get them a beginner’s book on how to spot constellations in the sky and what they will find up there. You may even consider investing in an inexpensive telescope to get an even better look at the stars and planets if your child is super enthusiastic about learning astronomy!

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Write up a list of common things found in your area; this includes bird species, small animals such as squirrels, and all types of plants, flowers, and trees. Write up a list and print out pictures of each to help your child find them. Then go out in your yard or take a walk around the neighborhood with your kids. See how many of these your child can find! Have them collect the leaves and small flowers and petals to add to the list as they find them. This is a great way to teach children about the nature living in their own backyard!  

3. Backyard Camping

This is a fun activity that is easy to set up, especially if your family has gone camping before! This is especially great if your child loves camping but you cannot go out due to the current circumstances. Set up a tent and a fire pit in the backyard. Cook hot dogs and s’mores, and tell fun stories around the campfire. This great idea was also featured in our list of things to do to celebrate your child’s birthday during quarantine!

4. STEM Activities

While school is out of session for the summer that is no reason for your child to stop learning, especially if they love science and experimenting! Check out our list of 7 science experiments for kids to try! Creating “elephant toothpaste” is a super fun science experiment that is best if done outside. This experiment involves taking a large container such as a two-liter soda bottle and pouring in food coloring, hydrogen peroxide, warm water, dish soap, and yeast. The resulting reaction is a giant colorful and bubbly mess that has been named “elephant toothpaste” because of its size and colors. Check out the article mentioned above for full instructions!

5. Take Virtual Tours

This is a great and educational activity to do on a rainy day or at night to unwind from a day of playing. During this unprecedented time, many amazing, educational places have gone online to offer people around the world the ability to experience these amazing places from the comfort of their own homes. You can virtually tour some of America’s national and historical parks and also watch live footage of the Yellowstone Geysers and see bears in Katmai National Park in Alaska! You can visit famous museums such as The Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan to see plenty of amazing art and historical artifacts!  

And for great ideas on act of kindness you can do during quarantine, read our blog with author Natalie Silverstien here.

6. Water Balloon Fights, Swimming, Sprinklers

Playing in water is a hallmark of summer, and with good reason! It’s fun for children and parents and cools everyone off. Set up a day just for a water party. Have a water balloon fight, bring out the water guns, and set up a sprinkler. Just because this summer is different than most, doesn’t mean we can’t have some classic summer fun! 

7. Paint

Kids love to paint and create art! There are plenty of fun and creative twists you can put on this old classic for some summer fun! Consider taking some ideas from the previous activity. Fill water balloons with non-toxic, kid-friendly paint, and set up some canvas boards your child can throw them at. You can also fill water guns with watercolor paint, then set up an easel with sturdy paper on it, and let your child have some fun! Also consider painting some rocks in fun and colorful styles, and add positive and uplifting messages on them. Then place them around the neighborhood during your next family walk. Spread some kindness while also having fun and being creative!

8. Tie-Dye

This is another classic of summer and a kid-favorite. Your child can have fun tie-dying the classic way and use a kit such as this. Or you can take the ideas from our painting activity and use it for tie-dye! Fill water balloons or squirt guns with the dye, then set up t-shirts, sheets, or anything large you want to dye. Make sure it is somewhere secure, such as against a fence. Then let your children throw the balloons or squirt the dye to create some really fun patterns!  

9. Make Homemade Ice Cream

Nothing says summer quite like ice cream! This activity is perfect for the hot days of summer. For this, you will need milk, half and half, white granulated sugar, vanilla extract, ice, and salt, and a couple of freezer bags. Refer to this recipe for all the specifics. First, combine the milk, half and half, sugar, and vanilla extract into a freezer bag, and make sure to seal it tight. In another bag, add in the ice and salt, then add the bag with the milk mixture. Seal the ice bag tightly, and begin to shake or roll the bag back and forth. Continue this for about ten minutes, and your ice cream will be ready! This recipe is completely customizable to your child’s liking; you can add cocoa powder or other extracts, candies, or chocolate chips to the milk mixture before shaking. This is sure to be a hit and it’s a nice treat after playing outside and doing some of the other activities on this list.  

10. Create a Dream Book

This one is especially good for the children who are having difficulty during this time of quarantine. Those who miss their friends, and miss going out and having fun with their daily lives. Get them a notebook where they can write down their dreams and goals for when quarantine is over. Print out pictures of places they want to visit, loved ones they want to see in person again and create a mini-scrap book or “dream book.” That way they can have something to occupy them during quarantine and help them stay positive and looking toward the future! 

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