This young curly girl debuts her hair care for curly hair products!

In this week’s feature, we selected 6-year-old social media influencer, Daisy as our Curlee Girlee of the Week! Daisy is a curly girly starting her own line of hair care products. Although she is just 6 years old, her mother has shared so many wonderful things about her. Below, you will find her mother’s answers to the set of questions we provided to give insight into what Daisy loves to do in her free time as well as what she is interested in, how Daisy’s mother manages her daughter’s curly hair, and some curly hair management tips Daisy’s mom recommends. These tips can be passed on to other curly haired boys and girls, as well as their parents who take care of their hair, around the world that struggle with their beautiful head of curls and seek guidance on how to better manage them.


1) Introduce yourself! What is your age, grade, favorite books, movies, favorite quote, song? What is her favorite school subject? Favorite activity? Favorite thing to do in her free time?

Curlee Girlee of the Week is Miss Daisy, founder of the Fancyhoneybee line of hair care products! She is a 6-year-old social media influencer; she can be found on Instagram! As a 6-year-old, she really enjoys being in Kindergarten. When asked about school, Daisy says that she really loves doing her creative assignments in her Kindergarten Art Class. When asked about her favorite movie, it appears that she does not have one. She does not have a favorite song either, but her mom says that Daisy loves music! In particular, her mom says that Daisy really enjoys listening to some of the songs from popular American pop star, Billie Eilish. Her favorite activity at the moment, besides posing for Instagram and promoting her hair care line on the platform, is to dress up! Daisy’s mom says that right now, Daisy’s favorite book is Oh the Places You’ll Go written by Dr. Suess. Daisy has really good taste as a 6-year-old and sure knows how to spend her time!


2) Your curls! What is your hair curl type? If you don’t know, please check out our reference page here.

When asked about her curly hair type, Daisy’s mom says that Daisy’s hair is a Spirally 3A.


3. Who else in your family has curly hair? Check out our family tree here which is a fun and educational way to trace the legacy of your hair!

Daisy’s mom says that Daisy is not the only one in her family with a beautiful head of curls! Though Daisy’s mom does not have curly hair, the curly hair trait actually comes from Daisy’s father. It turns out that the curly hair trait was also passed down to her two sisters, who also love their beautiful set of curls! It seems that Daisy has a lot of people to look up to who can help her out with any of her curly hair struggles. We definitely believe that being surrounded by curly haired family members can help your child feel confident in their hair!


4)  How do you like to wear your hair?

Although Daisy is not at an old enough age to do her own hair, it appears that Daisy does not have a specific preference on how to wear it. Regardless, we love how her hair looks no matter what style she chooses!


5) How would you define your style? (ie, are you a dress up girl, more casual, love to be fancy etc.  What is your favorite style for school, for dressing up, for each season, etc.

When asked about the type of clothes Daisy loves to wear, her mother says that she does not have a specific fashion style or preference. However, Daisy’s mom says that Daisy really loves fashion and loves to dress up as it is one of her favorite activities to do at home. Even if Daisy had a preference or specific fashion style, we are so sure that she would look good in just about anything!


6) Hair care tips!  What are some hair care tips you can share for taking care of your curly hair? Best advice for kids with curly hair?

In regards to curly hair care tips, one hair care tip that Daisy’s mother is an advocate for is to never brush your child’s curly hair when they have become dry. As mentioned in last week’s Curlee Girlee feature, it is so important to avoid brushing curly hair while it is dry as it can become a painful experience for your child as well as a hassle to detangle and will consequently get rid of your child’s natural curl shape. Therefore, Daisy’s mother recommends for parents of every curly-headed boy and girl to use a hair spray mist before combing their hair. This makes sure that your child’s curly hair becomes easier to manage and comb through, thus making the hair detangling process less painful and less time-consuming in the long run. We want to make sure that your child has fun styling their curly hair, and these tips will definitely help them do just that!


7) How often do you wash your hair and why? 

Daisy’s mother says that she washes and conditions Daisy’s hair up to three times a week. Daisy has her own hair care line called Fancyhoneybee Hair Care, which she uses to wash and condition her hair throughout the week. You can find and follow her hair care products line on Instagram @fancyhoneybeehaircare. This sounds like an awesome hair care product, and we hope that many curly-headed boys and girls find your product and ultimately enjoy it!

Daisy is a curly headed, instagram influencer with a following of 10K people, as well as our Curlee Girlee of the Week! You can check out her Instagram profile @fancydaisybee!

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