Diana Ross’ daughter launches curly hair product line

Tracee Ellis Ross did something in the past week that’s pretty huge: she finally launched her curly hair product line, Pattern. Her line has been in the works for TEN years, only to launch now. Why the wait? She’s worked with chemists and tried 74 different versions to put her stamp of approval on what would be released. Tracee wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the best for your curls.

“The goal is to give people access to their best curls in the bathroom” Tracee explained in a recent article in Allure magazine (hyperlink: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.allure.com/story/pattern-hair-care-review-tracee-ellis-ross-different-curl-types/amp). 

Tracee Ross inspired by her own curly hair

She’s been dreaming about the idea since she was in high school. If you’re familiar with Ross’, she is the daughter of superstar, Diana Ross. Without spending hundreds on endless hair products or having to go to a salon for positive results, Ross wanted to give people various types of textured, curly hair products that truly work. Making a product she would love is what mattered. Tracee wanted every person with curls to have access to her products and paying respect that a dollop just doesn’t cut it, if you have curly locks.

With as much thought, dedication and passion to the products, we have no doubt they’ll be a success. Congratulations, Tracee! And from every Curlee Girlee everywhere: THANK YOU!

Learn more about Diana Ross’ daughters “Pattern Beauty” curly girl hair line

Check out www.patternbeauty.com to see what the line entails; products come in various sizes and styling products, even all the way to special drying towels, clips and combs for curly hair. Based on the product line, it’s clear Tracee thought of everything to create a perfect crown of curls.



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