Virtual Communities during Quarantine

Virtual Communities during quarantine:  Megan Taylor Morrison has been quoted as saying that loneliness equates with less satisfaction, less productivity, less creativity. As someone who had worked from home for many years, she felt lonely much of the time and when she began her work as a life and business coach with clients who worked similarily she noticed they too felt the same.   She began co-working groups and both she and her clients found a sense of community even online.  Hopefully, the coronavirus will be gone soon and isolation and social distancing will be words of the past but teaching our children and ourselves about building communities online may outlive these strange times.  Listen to this Episode for yourself and your child- about virtual communities during quarantine, our children need social contact now more than ever!  Feeling lonely doesn’t have to be a daily emotion even during isolation!

Virtual Communities during Quarantine: Show Notes

[01:41] How Megan’s Zoom community began 

  • Started The Thriving Creator Collective 18 months ago because she heard a lot of her clients want community in their lives.
  • Her clients are living the dream and the life that they want but something is missing.
  • Video conferencing is awesome thing for people to start integrating into their lives.
  • Intentional co-working will get people more into flow vs slogging thru

[03:47] How their calls work practically

  • Their calls are run by a facilitator thru Zoom.
  • The facilitator will lead two things.
  • Everybody mutes and will go to work and then the facilitator will get back at the end and checks in with everyone if they finished the tasks.

[07:47] Megan’s background and how she encouraged her community

  • Megan is a professional life and business coach and a lot of her clients are entrepreneurs.
  • It started with a group of entrepreneurs and they share a lot of common thread which is having problem working from home.
  • They have coffee chats every month where they get to know the other people on the calls personally.
  • A solid community is part of what makes it whole.

[12:35] Megan’s plan for her business in light of the coronavirus pandemic

  • Her plan is to give people a community that they look forward to coming to.
  • In the current situation, people don’t have the things they typically look forward to.
  • She currently increased the number of coffee chats and outside events from co-working to have a better sense of community.

[14:14] Making the most of out the current time by leveraging technology

[15:26] Megan’s passion outside of work

  • Her passion is swing dancing and got in love with Lindy Hop, which is a form of swing dance in Harlem


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