Want To Get Rid of Your Hair Fly Aways?? Find Out How From This Curly Girl: Sevyn Dream!

Hi friends! My name is Sevyn Dream and I have tricks and secrets to get rid of those hair fly aways we all can suffer from, especially in the dryer cooler months!.  I am a 3-year-old native New Yorker. While I’ve been a shopaholic from the time I could sit up in a shopping cart, I love to read and play on my iPad. My favorite books are the Hungry Caterpillar and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – I love to wiggle and dance when hearing it read to me! Since the start of the pandemic, I no longer attend preschool, but we devote lots of time to incorporate educational activities and imaginary play throughout the day.

Although I come from an eclectic heritage, I have curly hair like my mom and brother. My hair is between hair curl types 3B and 3C. While I love for my hair to dance wild and free on my head, my mom likes to change up the styles with top-knots, ponytails, and an occasional braid.

I think my fashion sense is a bit unorthodox. While I love a pretty dress, I definitely would want to pair it with my favorite high-tops! You won’t find anything with unicorns in my closet. My mom is a bit of a fashion fanatic, and mixes high-end designers with garments from small shops, as well. I adore the color pink and I’m obsessed with all hues of green. I have an extensive collection of sweatsuits and sweaters, with tons of sneakers and boots to match.

The best tip I can offer is moisturize! Curly girls must keep their coils hydrated. The best curly hair products that I love to use are natural haircare products such as Just Be Unique Haircare and Oh! Natural Beauty as they offer hair butters, curl creams, and oils (infused with peppermint oil) to help lock in all of that goodness. Their products are also gentle enough without any harsh additives. I use Kaleidoscope’s Moisture Fix Leave-In Detangler to prevent matting of my curls and makes styling a breeze. Invest in a detangler brush, as well!

I wash and condition my hair with the Kaleidoscope Unikorn Enchanted Garden system. During the winter months wash days are spread out to twice a month. In the summer, they often become more frequent, making sure that I use a deep conditioner like Georgie Mane’s hair mask.

I suffer from major fly-aways so my mom doesn’t usually do my hair at night. I’ve tried to use a bonnet to sleep with, but it’s just not comfortable. So mama does my hair on a daily basis.

I don’t think curly hair has impacted me to any major degree. It’s easy for my mom to manage as we have similar hair types.

Sevyn Dream is Curl Type of the Week. You can follow her on Instagram @sevyndream!

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