Check your family tree and chart your hair type to find out.

Curl Type Tree

Where does my hair come from?  I have been asked that question at least a hundred times by my own daughter.  With a mass of beautiful curly hair that resembles no one else’s in the family, Ari always wants to know “where does my hair come from”? “Who has this hair mommy other than me”??   She has asked me this question at the dinner table, at the playground when she watches other girls with very different locks, even at bedtime when I tuck her in and read her a good night story.   If you are the mom of a curly girl or a curly girl yourself, surely you too have wondered about this.  Maybe your hair is wavy and your daughter’s is more kinky.  Perhaps your curls are tighter and your son’s hair looks more like ringlets. What is your curl type

Everyone’s Hair Tells a Story

Empowering Curly girls (and boys!)  to love and embrace their hair is not just a cute catchy phrase. It is not something we as parents and educators and creators can simply pay lip service to.  Instead embracing your hair (and by extension all your unique features) takes time and effort and real work.  Showing your child, by example, to love themselves as they are is not always an easy thing to do.  But what if we could relate our hair story back to our legacy.  What if we could empower our children by helping them to understand that their hair is important and special precisely because it links them back to those who came before them and will in turn link their children back to them one day.  What if our words of encouragement and self love were demonstrable in a way that children could understand by being able to trace their hair texture to a beloved grandparent or one they didn’t know but now can get to know?

Check out and find your curl type with our curl type chart.

What if we empowered our children by sharing their genetics with them in a way they could see and touch and feel like the smell of baked bread which stays with us long after the oven has been turned off and the taste of the food is simply a faint memory? Everyone’s hair tells a story.  Here at Curlee Girlee we want to share and uncover those stories for all of you, along the way you and your child will be empowered by the threads of their lives and the interconnectedness of generations past and future.

Join us in unlocking your legacy!  

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