What is your curl type?




From softly spiraled to coiled or tightly spiraled, the experts have identified nine curl types to identify your curls. Curlee Girlee worked with nine curly hair children to create a fun new Curly Hair Guide for kids. Curlee Girlee hair is Spirally, 3A.

What’s My Curl Hair Type?

Where does my Curly hair come from??!! Curly hair comes in many shapes and spirals, from slightly wavy to very tightly coiled. Similar to our other features your hair’s curl and texture is passed down in your genes. That is the DNA code known also as your genetic code, or blueprint that helps you grow into the unique and distinct individual that you are. Your genes influence how you look and that includes your hair texture.
The Curlee Girlee character in the Curlee Girlee book series is desperate to identify who she looks like and where her curls from. She is just a young child but she subconsciously understands that unlocking the secret of her genetic hair code will empower her to love her curly hair just as it is. Identify your curl type using our specialized curl chart and you and your child will be empowered too!

Curl Type Chart

What’s yours? Identify your curl type from our fun curl chart and let us know by visiting us on Facebook and sharing your curl type.

Spirally 3A

3A – Spirally

Twisty 3B

3B – Twisty

Springy 4A

4A – Springy

Bouncy 4B

4B – Bouncy

Boomerangy 4C

4C – Boomerangy

Where do My Curls Come From? Decoding Your Hair Curl Traits

Once you determine your curl type, you can begin to look back into the hair genes of your family and start to decode where your curly hair came from. Curlee Girlee has Spirally, 3A curl type of hair. Every person gets hair genes from their biological parents. For hair the easiest way to explain how to decode is to look at how many C’s for Curly or S’s for straight hair you have.

Barry Starr, genetics Director at Stanford University explains it as such,

“There are ten genes involved in deciding whether hair is curly, wavy, or straight. Each of these genes comes in a different version, curly or straight. To make the explanation simpler, the curly version will be C and the straight version S.


We have two copies of most of our genes, one from mom and one from dad. This means that if we have 10 hair texture genes, we’d each have 20 C’s and S’s.


So people with really curly hair have mostly C’s and people with straight hair have mostly S’s.


People with wavy hair have some of each. And, in fact, not all curly hair genes are created equal, some are more dominant than others.


A person with straight hair may very likely have C genes in their mix that they inherited from their parents and in turn can pass them onto their children.

It would appear for Curlee Girlee, her curls were passed through the generations from her Grandmother all the way to her. Knowing that her curls are part of her legacy and that she can continue to pass the curly hair gene onto the next generation is something she is very proud to do.