Curlee Girlee of the Week

Empowering all Curly Girls to love and embrace their natural hair

Welcome. Our Curlee Girlees are a family. They are rich in talents, confidence, inner and outer beauty and diverse in thinking and background. Curlee Girlees are girls who are learning to appreciate and begin to see and understand the power and beauty of their hair, understanding that their hair is part of a greater legacy they share with those who came before them and will eventually connect them with their own children. I know that real and meaningful change only comes from changing our inner dialogue so that the fabric of our children’s thought pattern is woven with fresh thread. I am happy to say that my book series and my movement have made my daughter proud to be a curlee girlee.

The climate is changing but there is still work to be done.  My hope is to empower all curly girls to love and embrace their natural hair just as it is. 

Join our Curlee Girlee family, submit to be featured and tell us about your hair legacy. Change can happen; let’s begin here and together we can change the coarse of curly hair forever!