Changing the Course with Atara Twersky



Changing the Course Podcast is hosted by Atara Twersky, author of the popular children’s book series, Curlee Girlee, inspired by her own young curly haired daughter.  Atara is also an attorney in NYC and the founder of the Curlee Girlee company, empowering young girls to embrace the legacy of their natural hair. Atara’s podcast mission is to highlight industry disruptors and change-makers providing, interesting and thought-provoking content to her audience so that together we can all begin to “Change the Course”!

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vmdmom, 08/31/2020

Wonderful podcast

I love this podcast! Atara is wonderful and a delight to listen to. She is truly able to make her listeners feels like she’s including them in the conversation. And such great conversations! I love the variety of interests and important topics that she covers on the podcast – great for me as a busy mom.

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Adamclickssoc, 11/21/2019

Awesome podcast!!

I listen this podcast. This is very nice and awesome podcast. Love it!!!

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CaliGal44, 09/27/2019

So Great for All Parents!

Love this podcast! Atara and Grace are so engaging and the information they share is essential for parents! A must listen!

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The Doser, 09/19/2019


Great info. This podcast will help me with my curlee girlee. Love it!

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Jhonsontheboss, 09/14/2019


Truly great podcast,Can’t say anymore about this podcast.

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I am a mother with straight hair trying to teach her daughters to love their curly hair in a society that teaches only straight hair is beautiful. I’ve read many curly hair books, watched countless curly hair videos, and I follow many other curly hair beauties trying to learn as much as possible to help my daughters learn how to love and care for their hair. Lily is 7 and she loves curlee gurlee and I love the book also because I feel like it helps her not feel alone. ?


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