I have always embraced and enjoyed my curly hair. Now that I’m older a lot of people will comment to me saying, “I bet you didn’t like your hair growing up.” I respond by saying that I have always liked my hair. In elementary and middle school, kids would constantly tell me that I should permanently straighten my hair or do something else with my hair. I would tell my mom what they would say about my hair and her response would always be, “Why would you want to do that? Then you would look just like everyone else.” And I always listened to her response because having curly hair is something special and unique about me. My hair doesn’t look like other people’s hair and that is what is so distinctive about my hair and I love it. My whole family has curly hair (except for my dad) and it is nice to share that similarity. It was passed down from both sets of grandparents and my great great grandmother. People know me and my family are related and recognize us easily because of our hair. From childhood, I embraced my hair and loved every minute of it. Every girl should embrace the things that God has blessed us with.


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