Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, who appears with corona updates on CTV of Canada

Dr. Abdu Sharkawy who is seen regularly on the CTV of Canada and was recently interviewed on the Dr. Phil Show, wrote a Facebook post on March 5, that went viral. Dr. Sharkawy detailed his concern that all reason would be lost in the face of the intense feelings of panic everyone is experiencing, March 5 seems like a long time ago and much has changed in the world since then. Dr. Sharkway, from the front lines, is not afraid to admit, that he, along with many other medical professionals, may have initially underestimated the fierceness of this virus. As days progress and the virus spreads we must be socially and morally responsible and work to stop this virus by keeping our distance, however difficult that may be.  Be prepared, not scared and do your part to help put an end to the Coronavirus.  Listen to this Episode with this powerful doctor and you will know what you need to be doing!

Show Notes:


[01:03] Dr. Abdu Sharkawy says: There’s nothing like the coronavirus

  • They didn’t expect that there will be a high transmission rate from people who were asymptomatic
  • They didn’t expect that the virus will reach the first world countries

[02:24] About his viral Facebook post last March 5th

  • There has been an evolution of emotions as a global community
  • When he wrote the post, he was disheartened by the lack of reason and sensibility.
  • Too many people rushed to the conclusion that their individual lives, freedom, and welfare are at risk, therefore, going to lengths that are detrimental to other people.
  • Fear-mongering and misinformation became the motivation why he made the viral Facebook post
  • His views from the Facebook post tempered in a way
  • The priority has to be human capital – everything else is secondary

[08:50] Statistics and perspective

  • The numbers are huge – 350,000 cases rising worldwide but the number of recoveries is rising as well
  • We need to break the chain of transmission if we want to stop this
  • There’s no game-changer or medication that will fix this anytime soon. Everyone’s individual habit is.

[13:06] The world will be different in many ways

  • Evaluate who we are individually and where we want to go
  • Take advantage of what we’re experiencing. Communicate more with our family

[15:15] What it’s like in the front lines in Toronto

  • The mood is tense, somber, and anxious.
  • The number of cases in Canada is not as severe as in the US but they’re expecting things to go worse.
  • There’s anxiety within their community regarding the adequacy of respirators and protective gears

[16:54] Young people infected with Covid-19

  • Young people need to recognize that probability is just probability. It can still affect them.
  • We should also recognize that the virus is still mutating and there’s no guarantee that young people won’t be affected

[18:55] Misinformation around Covid-19

  • Make sure that you’re getting the information from a reliable source (WHO, CDC)

[21:00] Transmission of antibodies from people who recovered from Covid-19

  • They don’t know yet because this is a rapidly evolving scenario
  • Don’t wait for a cure. Everyone has to do their part – washing hands, social distancing, etc.


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