How to Parent in Quarantine with Rhonda Moskowitz

How to Parent During Quarantine with Rhonda Moskowitz, a certified parenting coach has helped countless parents and children in so many modern-day struggles. A few months ago, Rhonda came on our show, after being featured in the NY Times, to discuss her views on the impact devices have on our children in this ever-growing world of technology. Today Rhonda is here to help us navigate raising our children during the coronavirus. In a matter of weeks, days even, it feels like everything has changed and parents are at a loss of how to explain things to our children, how to help them be productive, happy, carefree during this time that feels anything but that and how we as parents can be open, real and emotional with our children while still protecting them from every harsh news piece easily accessible on their devices. Listen to this episode, it will make everything feel less overwhelming and easier to manage.

How to Parent During Quarantine Show Notes

[2:30] The most difficult obstacle that parents are facing in light of the coronavirus pandemic

  • Parents are facing complete overwhelm.
  • The normal struggle became magnified due to quarantine.
  • Children are missing the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They miss their friends, school, relatives, etc.

[05:23] Rhonda’s perspective on the current coronavirus situation

  • See it as an opportunity and ask yourself: “What can I do during this time to build on the relationship that I want to have with my children and take the pressure off each one of us to be the perfect teacher”
  • Look at their age and what they’re really capable off because they aren’t really sitting still all the time looking at a screen. That’s not how they learn.
  • Do activities that you can do within your environment: board games, dance party, etc.

[09:10] How to manage screen time with your kids and get them in a collaborative mood to get outside

    • Depending on the age of your child, there’s a different kind of flow for each of them.
    • There has to be time for family gatherings, academics, free time to play, and screen time.
    • Have the conversation with your kids with how much screen time you want them to have.
    • Negotiate with your kids when they’re going to use a specific time.
    • You can get videos where authors read their books aloud.

[14:05] Rhonda’s thought on families building online communities to keep their children social

  • It’s very critical. In Rhonda’s case, she keeps in touch with her grandkids and interacts with them through video call.
  • Use what you’ve got and connect.
  • There are video conferencing sites that you can use like Skype or Zoom to get your older kids to connect with their friends.

[19:19] Letting your kids having a good cry about missing their friends

  • It’s perfectly fine. Acknowledge that the current situation is hard.
  • Know that above the clouds, the sun will shine. Eventually everything will come back.

[29:35] Suggestions for kids who have no siblings

  • Set up a FaceTime play dates with your kids’ close friends.
  • Try to touch base with your child to know what they want.
  • They could potentially watch a program together and talk about it.

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